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“You should be recommended that I just obtained my purchase. Thank you once more and you should continue to keep the shipping and delivery you’re coping with. I'm very amazed to acquire my get this early.”

One thing for everybody to recollect is usually that these numbers are truly just rough guidelines. Even the Army Research only checked out taste when identifying the shelf existence. Any information on nutritional benefit or spoilage was never ever publicly unveiled.

Apologies ahead of time for hijacking the thread nonetheless it raises a good question. Concerning prepping, really should a person favor MREs, freeze dried meals or just stocking up on canned meals?

If yow will discover a Invest in-it-Now auction for $forty five with actual transport charges, you've got possibly found among the greater deals available

. Although this discover seems to have reduce many of the blantant “market them with the truckload” offering, you can nevertheless obtain completely great MREs pretty quickly.

MRE's don't have a very long shelf life. Culturally Everybody looks to remember a relative that ate thirty-forty 12 months aged C-Rations and assumes that MRE's will have to also shop for some time. If you prefer to try to eat them and may rotate them consistently you ought to be high-quality.

MRE packaging is manufactured to face up to severe weather conditions in addition to important impacts like parachute drops.  MREs can also endure Serious heat and freezing temperature with no instant adverse outcome.

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WS February 4, 2014 at 1:08 pm Despite the food items, it is not going to very last for good – sealed or not. To begin with, Nearly almost nothing is totally dried out. Next, if oxygen is current inside the bundle, factors will come about. Tasting OK or searching OK signifies almost nothing. You can seal up pancake blend in an air-limited container, open it up many years afterwards and consume an Okay-tasting pancake: don’t be amazed while you are puking and also have the trots inside an hour or so. Nothing at all lasts for good, and there’s no reason to chance it.

I'll 2nd two various posts in this article. It is really difficult to defeat purchasing with the Epicenter, and also the A-Pack Emergency meals from Ameriqual are decent. The A-pack meals have heaters. The snacks and beverage are just a little repetitious, and You can find only get more info utensils, salt and pepper within the accessory pack if I'm remembering effectively.

MREs are field-expedient, but may be bulky. They can be eaten at home temp and don't need cooking. They do call for special handling for long-term storage, as well as their shelf life isn't assuming that freeze-dried or canned foods.

Ebay. That is the only place I have identified that has the ACTUAL military-grade MREs inside their authentic containers. Any other place has civilian garbage that is just junk. I've experienced my share of MREs during the military being an Infantryman, and thought they sucked ---- but the civilian versions of MREs are only complete JUNK.

Here's an example of a circumstance remaining marketed as surplus. Can everyone with the latest military expertise verify the packaging is correct?

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